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Beating the dinner din — five dining out tips for people with hearing loss

April 13, 2018

Does it seem that, over the years, restaurants have been getting louder and louder? It’s not your imagination! According to industry insiders, restaurants sometimes deliberately create louder environments for a variety of reasons. These reasons can vary from wanting to create a “fun” atmosphere to making it so customers don’t want to linger – thereby increasing table turnover and revenues. Having conversation in a noisy restaurant can be difficult, even for individuals with normal ...

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18 Everyday Sounds That Can Hurt Your Hearing

April 2, 2018

Hearing loss is the third most common chronic health condition in America — and exposure to loud noise is a leading cause. So what is considered “loud”? Exposure to any sound 85dB and above can cause hearing damage, though duration is also a factor. Here are 18 common sounds that typically top 85dB. Think exposure to loud noise has affected your hearing? Contact us today to schedule a hearing test and find out! This blog was ...

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